Help the Refugees is a grassroots initiative to assist victims of the Syrian refugee crisis. Based in Istanbul, Turkey and Vancouver, Canada, the group is 100% volunteer operated.  We coordinate our efforts through organizations based in Turkey and Canada.

Our projects and assistance are geared towards two major demographics. The Syrian refugees flowing into Turkey need immediate, urgent assistance in terms of food, medical care, and shelter. Then there are those who’ve settled in Canada, particularly Vancouver – they need long-term sustainable help in the form of education, skills and language training, settlement and job placement.

After two years based out of Istanbul, where our projects involved fundraising for various local organizations, we’re currently focused on assisting the Canadian government-sponsored refugees living in British Columbia, primarily in the greater Vancouver area. However, the continuing refugee crisis within Syria isn’t forgotten and we try to raise awareness of initiatives that assist them, regardless of their political affiliation.

Please see the page on resources and how you can help with Vancouver-based initiatives, and feel free to contact us.